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RavnSkill is a design studio based in Mumbai. We specialize in creating brands and visual identities, designing digital products and websites.

We are a digital development and creative agency. Ask us about branding, development and design. Being a small team, we can go into details.

  • Design Directions
  • Robust Stacks
  • Online Reputation
  • Branding
  • Insight Marketing
  • Modular Updates






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About RavnSkill

We assist brands in developing their online presence and as well as helping them reach their targeted demographics. Our multi-dimensional approach helps clients see the bigger picture and strive towards it. We also try not to overwhelm by introducing many options but rather focusing on the best course of action for the brand itself. We keep your brand at the center of the activity.


  • Prototyping & MVP development
  • Application - Hybrid
  • Portfolios and Design Folios - Websites
  • E commerce and Service Platforms
  • Custom Solution Stack (Web, app, APIs, reworks)


  • Brand Identity
  • Brand kit
  • Marketing materials
  • Social media creatives
  • Ad creatives


  • Social Media marketing
  • Search engine optimization
  • PPC campaigns
  • Content marketing
  • Online reputation management

Ravn's Vision


We create progress by designing and developing digital experiences

Powerful Storytelling forms our design language Intelligent Solutions, Clean Design is our development principle. Immersive visualization to bring actionable content is our ideology for insightful campaigns.

Ravn's Approach

Our approach is highly collaborative and creative. We care deeply about our clients and are passionate about solving unique challenges. We work in tandem with our Client partners to achieve their goals.

  • Powerful Storytelling forms our design language.
  • Intelligent Solutions, Clean Design is our development principle.
  • Immersive visualization to bring actionable content is our ideology for insightful campaigns.
1 – Req/Scope and Analysis

Our client success team collects high level requirements from the client, which is then analysed by our project coordinators. Based on their analysis, we develop the timeline, tech stack, assignments and the estimate.


2 – Mockups & Validation

The project team gathers for multiple brainstorming sessions to create sketches, wireframes and diagrams for you to validate. The aim is to create an impressive experience in the interaction between the brand and the user.


3 – Prototyping

Once the project wireframes and designs are approved by the client, we develop the prototype, based on the wireframe. This is, figuratively speaking, the skeleton of the final app, and is generally handled by a senior full stack developer.


4 – Pre-Production

Having all information to decide on product structure and features are critical. That is why we start with business goals, user interviews and competitor analysis. The result is a document with wireframes, behaviour description, references and estimates.


5 – Production

Guided by the concept document, the team produces detailed design and behaviour of each feature, code, art, music and other elements of the interactive product. Iterative, agile workflow and continuous testing improve initial assumptions.


6 – Post-Release

Our app developers continue their work after the release as well. Through cycles of user acquisition and data analysis, we optimize the product performance. Regular content updates are released to improve user retention.


A young,dyanamic and creative team.Who are ready to take on any challenge. I like their collaborative approach towards work.

Anipier Bérubé

Avinash Palo

Greenfields Organics

They know how to reach the right people. I must say they take growth very seriously.
I like the vibe they create around the work they do.


Anjani Kumar

Indian Desi Folk

What I liked most about them is their not giving up attitude. I am quite satisfied and also confident about my product.



Champion Childcare

These are the go-to-people for 360° digital solutions.They are creative, fun, and dependable agency.


Ajay Panchal

P&P Bearings

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